We’re Your Virtual Creative Collective

We’re Your Virtual
Creative Collective


Creative Collective

It’s simple. We work with a collection of select independent creatives from all forms of visual and digital marketing.  Creative talent comes on board for your specific project, as opposed to a traditional agency where some staff might not have all the experience your brand needs, but you have to work with them because they were assigned your account.  Our talent works on your project in their own creative space, surrounded by their own inspirations. No typical water-cooler distractions, deliveries, or the same top 40 music, which in turn produces great creative results for our clients.

Absolutely not. Being virtual doesn’t mean we won’t trade the screen for a face to face, coffee and a hand shake with our clients at any time, especially in the beginning stages of our partnership, it’s very important to us in earning your trust. However, it also means that we can schedule a Zoom/Skype meeting with our client, sometimes at a moment’s notice if they have an urgency, from the comfort of their office, without all the pre-planning and travel.

Same goes for presenting creative to our clients virtually. It’s about convenience and comfortability, no dog and pony shows or office dress code.  The creative is sent to the client followed by a Skype/screen share and the work speaks for itself, giving you the results you need.

Here, there and anywhere there’s wi-fi.

While some old-school thinkers might still feel the need for the brick and mortar agency, when it comes to spending marketing dollars, clients want to know they’re making a smart choice for the right creative talent. We let clients know from the very beginning that since our overhead is lower, we can charge less for highly experienced talent and amazing work, where a traditional agency can’t. Clients now get it, that you don’t measure creative success by square footage, or the lack of it.  Studio or not, it’s just about delivering awesome creative with great customer service. End of story.

Design & Branding


MPCC Gives Back

The YW partnered with local image maker Michal Pasco to portray what the faces of homelessness truly look like. Too often, we still picture the unshaven man pushing a shopping cart down the road. While this, what we call “visible” homelessness, is certainly part of the picture, research shows that the vast majority of homelessness is hidden. You cannot tell someone who doesn’t have a home from someone who does, because all of us are only a missed pay cheque or two, a divorce, a tragedy, an illness away from finding ourselves in the very same position.

Our Services

Brand Identity & Graphic Design

Diving into every detail of your brand, taking creativity into our own hands with an energy that helps inspire and illustrate a brand’s visual essence.  Looking over every element, colour, image or font to ensure, what’s been done was done right and exceeds all expectations.  Elevating your brand to the next level, creating unique, impactful, authentic designs while building awareness, meeting your business goals and standing out from your competitors.

Website Design & Development

We like to start by putting all our focus into your Homepage – since this is where you’ve got like 2 seconds for your site visitors to decide if they’ll stay or go.  It’s definitely your most critical page.

But first we create 3 different concepts that range from a more conservative approach and feel, to one that is creatively an ‘out there’ departure from how you may see your brand.  We discuss at length with you and then create a kick-ass site based on the best elements of your fav. concepts with some even cooler functionality.

Photography & Video Production

Our Image making philosophy is simple really: no two projects are the same and should never be treated as such.  We listen to our clients first and foremost to ensure the images, whether still or motion, connect with their viewers and meet the brand goals.  There has to be an exchange and natural flow of energy between the image maker and the subject, from the planning and discovery stage, to composing the elements in the final image.  No detail is ever too small to be overlooked.

In 25 years of professional experience, Michal has collaborated on photo/video projects with very innovative marketing strategists, designers, art directors, illustrators, video editors and crew, always expanding his knowledge on the important connection between brand marketing and image making.  From Mom and Pop promotions to National ad campaigns, charity fundraising and all things in between, Michal is geared up to come to you.


With SEO what worked 10 years ago, won’t work today as it’s an industry in constant flux.  There has to be a response to Google’s ever evolving algorithm and best practices.  We can no longer depend on simple (but still vital) keywords, your search engine optimization has to evolve to get higher search result rankings, make your site easier to find and categorize. Our SEO professionals will help create a better customer experience, build trust and credibility with your visitors and drive more eyeballs to your site.  Thus giving you a much needed edge over your competitors. Bottom line, more traffic, more conversions, more growth.

Other Services

  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • UX Design 
  • Voice Recording
  • Copywriting
  • Architectural Renderings
  • Drone Video & Photography


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